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"DB Museum Nürnberg"

Lessingstrasse 6, 90443, Nürnberg (Germany)

the exhibition

Half a kilometre of tracks for 30 trains. Watch miniature ICEs, passenger coaches and diesel trains in action on 80 m2.

A perennial favourite with our visitors, the model railway is located on the first floor of the DB Museum. Built on a scale of 1:87 and full of lovingly recreated details, it features over 30 trains whizzing through a landscape of hills and valleys complete with tunnels and stations. The fleet comprises steam, diesel and electric locomotives pulling a range of passenger carriages, plus traction units based on all kinds of real-life vehicles. The "dispatcher on duty" uses an original track diagram to coordinate traffic and shows what kind of work is entailed in running modern trains and shunting carriages. This miniature marvel teaches visitors just what a block is and how freight trains are assembled at a marshalling yard. The latest in video technology gives people a chance to find out so much about rail operations.

official video presentation

This video was officially provided by DB Museum Nürnberg to give an impression of the exhibition.

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